Music From The Lab

Music From The Lab approached Creative Filter with a desire to build a brand from the ground up. Our process started with a series of meetings where we identified the voice of the company and how their brand should be represented visually and what the customers should feel when using the platform. From there our team created the logo and mark followed by designing business cards.

When the team at Music From The Lab approached us about their music licensing platform we were excited to flex our coding muscles. There were multiple complex aspects of this website that we brought to life. A few of those included a multi-step check out process in which users select from a variety of options ultimately changing price points in their cart. Another element is housing and streaming music for playback and downloads; with quick load times as a must-have we were able to implement a great user experience.

One of the areas Music From The Lab will make a big impact on the market and ultimately grow the user base is by attending conferences and trade shows throughout the year. We carried through the branding that was established and created a booth experience that continues to turn heads.

“We desired a brand that evoked the essence of our culture, a platform that not only customers were attracted too but one that artists wanted to be apart of as well.”

John Mitchell - Founder
Created by creativefilter | January 2, 2017 | category-1

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