Glacier Confection

Glacier Confection’s recent growth required the brand to have a better online experience. Like many brands, one of the challenges we ran into right out of the gate was keeping all of the sales data within the online business portfolio even as we built a new interface. Our development team used unique code to merge the existing platform into the new design without losing any critical data.

The build-a-box module we custom built and tied into the platform is a fun and engaging way to let users select the specific chocolates they like and build their own custom box. Be sure to visit and check out more of the site.

We hired Creative Filter to help us with several marketing initiatives. As our company continues to grow so does our need for high level creative experiences that exude our brand and culture. Their team helped us navigate and launch our new e-commerce website, incredible product photography, various print material pieces and even in-store elements. We love our agency!”

Bill Copeland - Chief Chocolate Officer

Food photography has never been so fun and lets just say we indulged a little bit during our photoshoot! The goal was to create a visually stunning catalog that customers would pick up and instantly have that mouth watering notion to try a piece of chocolate. Below is a collection of shots that made it into this years catalog.

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