Creative Filter fuels powerful campaign for Chesapeake Energy

In the midst of a brand crisis, the importance of a precisely articulated and meticulously executed PR campaign cannot be overstated. Such a campaign is vital for revitalizing internal morale, regaining public favor, and reigniting the brand’s image.

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Chesapeake Energy





The challenge

In the wake of a few internal challenges, Chesapeake Energy found itself contending with diminished company morale. Recognizing the pressing need for a transformative campaign that would embody honesty, positivity, and a renewed sense of pride, the company embarked on a mission to reinvigorate its organizational spirit and public perception. 

It was imperative for them that the messaging be robust and serve as a reminder to all, both internally and externally, of the importance of Chesapeake’s work. In their quest for a comprehensive agency solution to guide them from inception of creative concepts through to flawless delivery of the final product, Chesapeake Energy found their match in Creative Filter.

Our approach

Creative Filter thoughtfully orchestrated each step of the project journey, from concept to final deliverables.

Through in-depth sessions with Chesapeake’s marketing team, a clear picture of internal and external challenges, goals for the new campaign, and the intricacies of their business operations began to take shape.

A trio of fully developed creative concepts and storyboards were presented, with ‘Fueling Your Life’ emerging as the chosen concept. The concept was a captivating exploration of how Chesapeake Energy’s influence permeates the lives of people every day, sometimes in unexpected ways.

Creative Filter moved on to scripting, casting, and preparations for a week of on-location filming. The Chesapeake Energy campus served as the location for the majority of the shoot, with a day of shooting reserved for an oil rig to capture footage that was uniquely theirs. Long shoot days transitioned into nights with a full team of 35 crew. Creative Filter’s approach simplified complex concepts into practical, relatable narratives for the general public.

The results

Creative Filter delivered a diverse set of assets; from a 60-second television commercial to shorter, social-media friendly content for distribution to a wide audience. The final video masterfully blended animations with relatable human elements to strike a chord with viewers. The team translated complex, abstract ideas into practical narratives for the general public to digest. 

The campaign left a lasting impact, resonating with both internal and external audiences. Remarkably, even five years after production concluded, Chesapeake Energy continues to utilize the campaign…a true testament to the enduring excellence of the concept, messaging, and production.

Final Deliverables:

  • Radio Spots
  • LED Billboards
  • 30 second Television Spot
  • 60 second Television Spot