Revolutionizing the Road: A Groundbreaking Launch Film for Volvo’s All-New VNL Line

Creative Filter & sister company Reveal XR partner with Ritual Film Co. to produce a groundbreaking launch film for Volvo’s new VNL line, leveraging virtual production and an intricate narrative to showcase the truck’s design, features, and manufacturing process.

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The challenge

Our team took on the task of producing a launch film for the all-new Volvo VNL line, and were challenged with infusing it with creativity and innovation. They wanted something that had never been seen before in the trucking industry.

 In collaboration with the agency Ritual Film Co., Creative Filter expertly merged client and agency-captured footage to showcase the impressive VNL truck and the passionate individuals driving its design and manufacturing. Zeroing in on the impactful grand reveal video concept, Creative Filter and Reveal XR, worked together to develop a compelling narrative that seamlessly incorporated the president of Volvo Trucks North America, lending a personal and authoritative dimension to the film.

Our approach

Volvo wanted a film designed to disrupt the market while authentically capturing their position as a frontrunner in both the commercial and consumer automotive industries. The film aimed to celebrate the truck’s evolution and deeply connect with their diverse customer base. To achieve this, Creative Filter leveraged virtual production to amplify its impact but also streamline production and post-production processes, all while optimizing the budget.

The teams kicked off by crafting a cohesive narrative structure for the film, comprising nine interconnected sections. With the storyline firmly established, our focus shifted to designing virtual environments inspired by Volvo’s ‘biomes’, the landscapes that resonate deeply with their customers who navigate vast terrains in their long-haul trucks. As Creative Filter continued through the design and refinement phase, the team presented a variety of concepts for the studio-filmed segments. Simultaneously, Reveal XR honed the digital design of the set pieces, placing special emphasis on the captivating ‘Desert Biome’ for the truck’s grand reveal.

This approach culminated in a successful post-production schedule, where each element seamlessly contributed to the creation of a compelling and innovative final piece.

The process

The project was a multifaceted endeavor, unfolding on three distinct fronts: grappling with the logistical challenge of squeezing the VNL truck into the XR Studio, pioneering the use of virtual production to carve out a unique concept for the trucking industry, and steering the dynamic post-production schedule that demanded adaptability of real-time conceptual approaches post-filming.

Filming a vehicle this large brought along many challenges, and the pace of production was deliberate to have some flexibility when it came to the equipment and the virtual environments. 

Reveal XR took the lead in executing the film production on the stage, while Creative Filter expertly managed all aspects of pre-production, video concept development, and post-production. Despite the challenges along the way, our team’s adaptability and creativity enabled us to overcome these obstacles and deliver a compelling and innovative release film.

The results

The culmination of the efforts was a dynamic 22-minute film unveiling the VNL, comprising several key segments. The film began with an exploration of the design inspiration behind the VNL, followed by a dramatic unveiling of the physical truck. An in-depth product overview highlighted its innovative features, while a dedicated vignette offered a look into the advanced technology and safety elements. The film concluded with a behind-the-scenes look at the meticulous manufacturing process of the VNL. Collectively, these segments created a comprehensive and compelling film that successfully launched the VNL, reinforcing Volvo’s leadership in the automotive industry.

From the team

“This was a very challenging project with very little room for error. This required cooperation from the many strategic partners providing assets and involved with the entire production process. It was very exciting to see the final product come to life!”

– Nathan Dies, Executive Producer