One layer at a time: Creative Filter explores and produces the story of HP’s supply chain innovation & success

In printing, ink is layered to create a visual masterpiece. In business, it’s the cumulative effect of every organizational layer that drives innovation and success.

HP tapped Creative Filter to craft a compelling narrative about the intricacies of HP’s supply chain and the innovations happening daily within the business unit. With a one-month turn around, the team got to work peeling back the complex layers of a business steeped in rich innovative history.

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The challenge

With a company-wide meeting quickly approaching, HP’s Head of Supply Change sought to forge a narrative that would educate and inspire the corporate community about the innovation and importance of the division.

Faced with the urgency of the task at hand, HP looked to the master storytellers at Creative Filter to conceptualize and produce a video asset that would peel back the layers of HP’s supply chain and reveal the innovation and efficiency that drives the company’s success. The mission was clear: distill complexity into clarity and deliver it with an impact that would resonate throughout the organization.

Our approach

Concept and story development was first on the to-do list. After several in-depth, collaborative conversations with members of the Supply Chain team at HP, the script and storyboards began to come together.

The concept was anchored in the visual representation of layering; use of an expansive library of live-action assets provided by the client, custom motion graphics and 3D modeled elements, and powerful storytelling to weave a visual masterpiece meant to educate, inspire and evoke a sense of pride within the organization.

The result

Although it was a relatively complicated story to tell, the final video was a beautifully cinematic look at the layers of HP Supply Chain and how each layer provides a crucial piece to the overall business goals and success.

“This was a proud moment for us as a team. This was the prime example of all of our capabilities on display at the same time. In order for us to hit this one out of the park, everyone had to be 100% on and could not miss a beat. This was a true, full team effort.”

Chad Shockely, Executive Producer