Revving up recruitment: Creative Filter drives production for groundbreaking recruitment assets for Walmart.

In highly specialized sectors such as trucking and transportation, the fight for top talent can be tough. By looking at recruitment through an artistic and cinematic lens, Creative Filter helped Walmart to stand out in a sea of competition, stopping potential associates in their tracks.

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The challenge

In response to the pressing need for new talent in the professional driving and mechanical engineering sector, Walmart’s transportation division sought the expertise of Creative Filter in delivering a captivating and engaging recruitment solution.

At the core of this project was the production of a compelling recruiting video, designed to be versatile for both long-form and short-form applications. The videos were to spotlight the heartfelt narratives of actual Walmart associates and provide a profound glimpse into what makes choosing a career at Walmart a great experience.

Our approach

With just over six weeks until the delivery deadline, Creative Filter immediately got to work. Instead of adhering to conventional storyboarding, the focus was set on capturing genuine, documentary-style content. The team received pre-interviews to learn more about the drivers, their experiences, and their stories. The path was set for producing an authentic representation of the Walmart workforce.

After careful consideration, four drivers and two diesel mechanics were selected to share their testimonials. To bring their narratives to life, Creative Filter chose the picturesque landscapes of northeast Oregon to provide a diverse and visually stunning representation of the United States.

Throughout the nine-day filming process, each individual had their dedicated day in the spotlight. The goal was to showcase the overall driver-experience and opportunities available within Walmart’s corporate ecosystem, emphasizing work-life balance, state-of-the-art technology, competitive salaries and the outstanding benefits of joining the team.

In a testament to the precision and agility of the Creative Filter team, post-production commenced on-site during shoot days. Selects were assessed daily, and the editing process unfolded in real-time. The final narrative began to take shape as filming progressed. A first draft was ready within a week, highlighting the commitment from the team to hitting the ambitious deadline.

The results

Artistically and stylistically, the Creative Filter team crafted a masterpiece marked by its distinctive visual and thematic elements, setting it apart from conventional recruitment standards. 

The resulting videos possessed a cinematic quality, coupled with an inviting and relatable tone, offering a fresh and contemporary outlook on the role of a truck driver in the modern world. The project placed significant emphasis on showcasing the diversity within Walmart’s workforce and underscored the extraordinary prospects awaiting individuals contemplating careers as drivers and technicians within the organization. 

This series now serves as a benchmark for future recruitment content initiatives at Walmart.