Creative Filter serves up inspired motion graphics to set the standard for McDonald’s movement language and visual identity.

Iconic global brand McDonald’s sought to revamp its visual identity by crafting a comprehensive guide for in-house teams and agency partners. Turning to the motion design experts at Creative Filter, this ambitious project hit a tight deadline and breathed life and energy into still images. Partnering with Studio Now, the Creative Filter team created a dynamic visual language with the resulting animation style and movement guide that is used organization wide.

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The challenge

In the fast-paced world of branding and design, McDonald’s is one of the most recognized brands in the world. McDonald’s was searching for the right partner to define and elevate its visual brand identity in graphic and motion design. The goal was to create a comprehensive guide that would not only establish their motion, but also celebrate it. The guide would serve as a beacon for their in-house teams and act as a definitive reference for agency partners worldwide.

The project demanded a top-tier motion design partner who could seamlessly integrate innovation, creativity, and precision into the brand’s evolving visual identity.

Our approach

With a two-week timeline set for the first round of animations and storyboards in hand, Creative Filter got to work. 

In a challenge to traditional processes, Creative Filter presented the entire first round of animation rather than creating individual animatics for each storyboard. Collaborative discussions with the client during the revision phase was vital to nailing the final product. This direct back and forth streamlined the creative process from start to finish.

The result

What began as a project to define a graphic and motion design style soon grew beyond its initial scope, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive movement language. Motion design is often overlooked, but Creative Filter recognized the crucial need to establish a coherent and captivating style that would bring images and elements to life in ways that were authentic to the McDonald’s brand.

Today, this animation style and movement guide has become an integral part of guiding creative efforts throughout the entire McDonald’s organization and serves as the north star for consistent and captivating storytelling that sparks delight with customers around the world.

“McDonalds is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. As a brand, they truly respect the work that it has talent to build that recognizability.  When you have a brand that respects the work and knows what it takes to complete the work, and you are able to exceed those expectations, it’s really rewarding.” – Nathan Dies, Creative Director