Walmart's associates form a diverse tapestry of inclusivity and equality. With Creative Filter's help, their exceptional culture is showcased.

As diverse as the products lining the aisles of their stores, Walmart’s associates have backgrounds and stories that together have woven a beautiful tapestry of inclusivity and equality across the organization. Walmart enlisted the help of expert storytellers, Creative Filter, to find the common threads and showcase the exceptional culture that defines the brand.

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The challenge

As the nation’s largest employer, retaining great talent and recruiting new talent is a constant process and imperative to the operation and continued success of Walmart. They have an excellent culture of creating diverse and inclusive work environments for their associates, but have struggled with communicating their internal diversity, equity, and inclusion story internally and to potential talent.

Walmart partnered with Creative Filter and set off to find the answers to the following question: 

What was the best way to tell Walmart’s DE&I story?

How do you create a story that deeply resonates with people and creates an undeniable emotional connection?

How do you cut through all of the noise and create content that people actually WANT to watch? 

The answer was through production of a long-form documentary that felt more like an HBO or Netflix production than a statement on corporate culture from Walmart.

Our approach

Creating the epic narrative began with pre-interviews and conversations with associates from all corners of the country, setting the stage for documentary style content capture. 

Over the course of two weeks, the Creative Filter team hit the road landing in locations from South Carolina to Florida to Arkansas to Utah. The interviews unfolded on camera in an organic way that felt genuine to the message and the associates presenting it. The team kept the cameras rolling to collect lots of b-roll footage that would enhance the narrative and capture the essence of each person they met.

Specific creative and artistic choices were made during the content capture and final editing process that brought energy and beauty to the final edit. 

The result

The final documentary is a beautiful representation of the people of Walmart: their diverse roots, the paths they’ve traveled, and the remarkable journeys that led them to their current positions.

This film  stops you in your tracks and makes you think about what you’re watching. The documentary is currently used as a recruitment and training tool for the organization.